Inside HM WoodWorksAs of April 1, 2012, H&M WoodWorks is open for business in a new location and a new facility.  We are ideally located to continue to serve our clients in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky and  Missouri and elsewhere in the United States.

Our focus remains on designing and building one of a kind pieces of furniture that are designed in collaboration with the client.  We will continue to make cabinets and other built-ins, also with designs unique to the client.

Our new workshop is 3700 sq ft including a gallery in which we will display several pieces so that you can see the quality of the work we do.  Those pieces are for sale, although we prefer to work directly with you to be sure you get exactly what you want while having the fun of helping create the design.

Call or email to explore a project with us.  Please, call ahead if you would like to come see us.

John Hassinen and Laura Mosena

1610 N Co Rd 1200, Hamilton, IL 62341

608-289-3141 (business)

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